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Get a discount on PRO pack!

Dear friends,

with the launch of basketball just around the corner, we would like to bring you some important information about the launch and the PRO pack prices.

During the first month of basketball full version, we will give you a special discount if you activate PRO pack in all 4 sports:

  • 1 month 4-sport combo - 25% discount on PRO pack of one of the sports
  • 3 month 4-sport combo - 50% discount on PRO pack of one of the sports
  • 6 month 4-sport combo - 75% discount on PRO pack of one of the sports
  • 12 month 4-sport combo - 100% discount on PRO pack of one of the sports

But that's not all. We have an even more special offer for our biggest supporters.

  • if you have a PRO subscription for the next 100+ days (hockey, soccer and handball combined), you get a one-time 30% discount on any basketball PRO pack
  • 300+ days will get you a 50% discount
  • 500+ days will get you a 70% discount
  • 700+ days will get you a 90% discount

The number of days remaining on your PRO packs is updated every day, so don't wait too long, because you might drop to a lower discount if your days drop below the required threshold. We will send you a message if you are eligible for these special discounts.

Both offers will come into effect upon the launch of the full version of basketball and will expire 1 month later. We will specify the exact date after the launch.

Here are some more important information about the launch:

For the first 11 days, everyone will be allowed to place a maximum of 1 player and 1 staff member on the market at the same time. You will be allowed to bid on the market for the first 11 days even if you don't have manager experience of 11. As of day 12, normal service is resumed.

The allowed period of inactivity for non-PRO managers will be 7 days during the first month of full version. This precaution is to make sure that there are only active managers in the leagues at the beginning. If you activate PRO pack, your allowed period of inactivity will be 50 days as usual. After 1 month, normal service will be resumed.

During the first half of the season (until day 35) all teams that lose a manager, become available for a new manager regardless of the league level they played in. Even if a first league team loses a manager, it becomes available for a new manager. Again, this is to ensure that the game stays competitive at the beginning.

Have a nice day!

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