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23.09.2020 20:30:00


Expert's estimate
Price in credits: 10

Team name

The team name can be changed once a season. This is a PLUS pack feature.

Price in credits: 30

Arena name

The arena name can be changed at any time. This is a PLUS pack feature.

Price in credits: 3

Team website

The team website is displayed in the team profile. This is a PRO feature. (required format: http://www.example.com)


Revoke team

If you are no longer interested in playing this sport or you want to start again with a new team, you can have your current team revoked. After submitting the request, your team will be revoked after 3 days even if you keep logging in. During this period it is possible to cancel the process of team revocation at any time.

Change personal assistant

Upload picture of assistant

Recommended dimensions: 205x250 pixels
Maximum file size: 100kB
Supported formats: GIF, JPG, PNG
Price in credits: 10