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Latest news from three sports

Hi friends,

today I have news from three sports. I will start with hockey where we are about to start the 18th season. As you can see, we have added the option to view the sponsor offers in advance. You can use this feature if you know you can't be online in the next few days or if you just don't like waiting for the next day to see the new offers. But be careful because you will automatically reject your current offers if you view offers from the following day.

This will be the last time that the sponsors will take into account your performance in the Champions' League or the Cup Winners' Cup in hockey. As of next season, this bonus will be removed.

As of next season in hockey, there will be a cap of 8 staff members per facility. We have announced this change some time ago so that you could prepare for that. If you have more than 8 staff members in any facility, you can keep them, but you cannot acquire new ones until you drop below this number. We will also switch over to the new draft model which will take place twice per season.

The league regrouping in the bottom two league levels to remove the inactive teams and increase competitiveness will take place in all countries except the following ones:

Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Other World

News from handball

We have added animations of balls being shot at the goal in the live broadcast. This idea was first used in the live broadcast of basketball and now we have added it to handball as well. We hope it will make the live broadcast a little more enjoyable to watch.

News from basketball

The start of basketball has gone really well. We have only encountered small bugs which have been fixed usually with 24 hours since the first report. We appreciate your feedback and bug reports. We have prepared a small surprise for you for the game summary where you can view a short animation of each goal by clicking on the film icon.

That's all, have a nice weekend!

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