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SAD Oregon Eagles - Just damn.
Only 2 A players in the entire draft! One a 165 cm SG and the other a 186 cm C. Neither one will grow to the minimum height for their position.

SAD Oregon Eagles - Eagles Hanging in there
The Oregon Eagles are hanging in there with old fashioned defense. They are behind in just about every category that the game keeps except points given up. They are proving there is more to this game than offense.

Another season is upon us. Will the mighty Hugs falter? Will this be another season of sink or swim? Will Gamit4 reappear from the shadows? Will the Goldfish, the Bumble Bees and the Eagles find a way to Co-exist while determining who's really the Apex Predator? Hell if I know. But I aim to find out!! I HEREBY PRONOUNCE SEASON 5 HAS BEGUN!! WELCOME TO DIV.I GENTLEMEN!! BEST OF LU...

SAD Oregon Eagles - I been saying since it started up.
It isn't worth the time and effort. In 4 sports I haven't gotten even 1 decent player. I tried selling them and nobody even bid 10 grand minimum. Yet it appears that only US and Canada are the ones not getting talent. I for one am totally frustrated. On my hockey team, football team, and handball team, I do not have even 1 US starter. Despite moving to league 1 in football and the other ...

SAD Oregon Eagles - The draft really sucks.
In all my scouting I found 8 B players. I draft 11. My B scouted players were gone by pick 10. People are getting a whole loot of nothing inn these drafts. The good news is I scouted 27 Ds and 3 Cs. That is 30 crappy players at the bottom of my list so odds are improving to luck into a good player.

SAD Oregon Eagles - All Stars.
I realize my team probably sucks as individuals but it did win the Playoffs last year and so far is doing well this year. But you talk about no respect. I don't think any off my players made the all star team last year. Not yet this year either. Today they won their league game and 2 of the opponents made the team but none of mine. My guys must be related to Rodney Dangerfeld. :-)

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